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The Pacific Claim Executives Association (PCEA) was established in 1953 when 25 Insurance companies with home offices or senior claim functions located in some of the Pacific states felt it was necessary to increase cooperation at the claim executive level.

Now, PCEA membership includes almost 40 companies, has expanded into additional western states, and includes self-insureds who are self-administered, companies who exclusively manage claims for another company, and has become one of the most rewarding, productive, and effective associations of its kind.

PCEA purposely keeps a flexible structure to accommodate the current claim climate in a timely and meaningful manner. Member companies’ cooperation is outstanding, and the amount of information they exchange is surpassed only by its quality and value, while complying with antitrust laws.


PCEA’s membership consists of home office chief claim executives or senior claim executives accountable for the Pacific Claim Department.

Since its inception, PCEA has enjoyed a high level of participation and responsible leadership.

In any business climate, leadership is essential. Membership in PCEA assures not only participation but also sharing of leadership.


An organization must have objectives and goals to be successful. It’s not enough merely to provide a sounding board or exchange experiences and ideas – the organization must pursue specific objectives to benefit the industry’s claim functions.

That’s PCEA’s intent, and its principal goals are listed below.

  1. PCEA fosters the idea that claim philosophy, policy interpretation, and public relations should be consistent and fair. The insurance consumer should receive respect and equitable treatment from any insurance company.
  2. PCEA believes the key to professionalism is continuing education, and it encourages and supports better education and training for all people engaged in claims work.
  3. PCEA encourages cooperation among all companies, whether they’re members of PCEA or not. The membership recognizes the value of amicable relations between companies and the benefits those relationships bring to everyone affected by the insurance industry.
  4. PCEA promotes improved claim handling for the benefit of the general public and exchanges ideas to further that goal.
  5. PCEA believes in the highest business principles and maximizing the service an insurance consumer receives from the industry.
  6. PCEA supports the “hot line” concept between senior claim executives and urges discussion.
  7. PCEA strives to maintain goodwill, fellowship, and positive rapport among member company representatives.
  8. PCEA promotes flexible, expedient, productive communication among members to best serve those to whom they’re responsible – the public.


PCEA meets twice a year, in the spring and fall, in principal cities in the West. Members are encouraged to participate through panel discussions.

Outside experts are invited to address members on topics of special interest. Speakers have included prominent judges, attorneys, doctors, insurance commissioners, legislators, and regulator executives. Other guests are invited to the open sessions, as well. It’s not unusual, for example, to find a member company’s chief executive officer in attendance.

PCEA is proud of the variety and scope of its programs, which are designed to be informative and challenging. Several committees function between meetings to ensure that the subject matter presented is timely and of high quality.

PCEA is successful due to members’ hard work and avid participation.


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